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Our Mission

KUSH & ØLSEN Lab’s mission is to help Cannabis brands and their physical assets within the Medical and Therapeutic Cannabis Industry to amplify their digital landscape and create successful and secure omni channel experiences.

KUSH & ØLSEN Lab’s is a software company, a division of KUSH & ØLSEN focused on the research, development and enablement of IOT technologies that transform a product and a company’s presence into an engaging and secure touch point between consumers, manufacturers, retailers, e-tailers and brands.

Dealing with both Online and Offline use cases we develop technology to drive new business cases and develop competitive solutions and technology for the International Cannabis marketplace.

KUSH & ØLSEN work in a variety of fields including: e commerce, finance, mobile technology, affiliate technology, luxury brands, marketing and digital solutions.

QR Code & Mobile Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

QR Code & Mobile Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

KUSH & ØLSEN Labs - Safety, Identification & Transparency technology for the Cannabis Industry. One of the challenges facing the Cannabis Industry is a lack of information for Cannabis customers from the seed all the way along the product and retail line to the packaged goods.

Misinformation on product labels can cause issues with customers, who are uncomfortable with higher doses, not understanding the standards and testing - thus creating a lack of trust throughout the product line.

A fine wine has a history and traceability, the Cannabis industry is no different. With the importance of the craft Cannabis industry in this sector, dispensaries on the West Coast satisfy their customers needs by stocking and offering small batches of incredible pot.

Now we have even more of a need for descriptive labeling in the current climate to inform the consumer of:

Growing Conditions and Strains Information

The Growing Operation, Brand and History

Testing Results of Cannabis Flower

Strength, Dosage and Personality of Cannabis

Showcase Your Product - Embed Videos & Images

Build Your Cannabis Brand - Speak to Your Consumer

Provide a Sign-Up to Your own On-line Eco-System

Health and Safety

Give your customers peace of mind, knowing your brand is with them every step of the way, as create and publish mobile landing pages on our extensive platform, you build a relationship with your consumers and grow your digital presence and online foot-print.